Pain from Over Use

Reoccurring Injury & Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain or repeat injuries to your wrists, shoulders or arms? All of my treatments provide a window of opportunity for gaining an understanding of your body. With Soft Tissue Therapy, I aim to bring awareness back to our bodies – To help you strengthen, correct and prevent repetitive injuries from causing you pain and reoccurring.

Debilitating Pain

Sprain & Strain Injuries

These are injuries resulting from physical overload or sports injury. Sprains and strains mostly occur in extremities but can affect our entire bodies. Dysfunction in muscles, ligaments and tendons can be extremely painful and restrictive in your daily life. Don’t allow a recent sprain or strain injury to affect your movement or cause you constant pain.

Relieve Physical Stress

Tension & Fatigue

Physical fatigue and tension can build in our bodies, often causing pain due to overload in our muscles. Those with demanding jobs or athletes repeating movement patterns can often experience this. Preventative treatment can help reduce the stress, tightness that could lead to injuries further down the line.

Patterns of Inactivity

Postural Issues

We spend over 7 hours daily in working or sitting positions, this can begin to affect posture, physical movement and even cause tightness or pain. In my soft tissue treatment, I will assess your postural habits and your movement. I can also provide advice on habitual routines and working positions.

Treat the whole person

Holistic Therapy

In my work, I will take a person-centred approach to your treatment. This means treating the whole person, not just the pain. I am a practitioner of the BSP model (biopsychosocial), I understand the effects that stress and pressure can have on the body. That’s why I practice a holistic approach and will look at all factors surrounding our bodies.

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For Other Issues

Each body is unique and can result in very different pains, injuries or dysfunction If you have any questions or concerns about pain or fatigue, please contact me to discuss.

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In my soft tissue treatments, I start with rehabilitation for chronic injury and pain. My goal is to get you into a phase of maintenance, whereby you can prevent injury and manage your well-being.

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